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  • michaelwhapples1Michael Whapples from Leicestershire is blind and shoots air rifle.  In 2011 he was the first British shooter ever to compete at the Open European Shooting Championships for the Vision Impaired, held at Nitra, Slovakia. 

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  • MattSkelhon1Matt Skelhon shot to fame when he grabbed gold at the Bejiing Paralympic Games and proved it was no fluke by claiming silver and bronze at London 2012.

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  • stewartnangle1Stewart Nangle, a Lancastrian, is pictured shooting .22 pistol.  What the photograph does not show is that at the time one of his legs was fitted with a metal frame that was bolted into the bones. 
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  • Di CoatesDeanna (Di) Coates lives in Hampshire, shoots air rifle from a wheelchair, and is one of our most successful disabled international athletes. 
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  • vicmorris1Vic Morris lives in south Wales and is paralysed from the neck down as the result of an accident.  With the aid of an 'equaliser' device invented by his coach, John Kelman, Vic shoots pistol and rifle. 
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  • peterbreheny1Peter Breheny from Derbyshire shoots benchrest rifle.  He has Kennedy's Disease, a progressive wasting condition that has weakened his limbs. 
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  • scoutwithprosthesis1This young Scout was born without a left hand.  When he took an interest in shooting, which is very popular in the Scout movement, Hampshire Scouts helped his local club to find a solution. 
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1. Competitions
... Otherwise details can be obtained via the relevant governing bodies' websites.    Airgun - Air Rifle and Air Pistol Benchrest - Full-bore, .22 and Airgun Blind/VI - Air Rifle Clay Target - Skeet, ...
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2. Benchrest
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(Contacts / Other Organisations)
UKBRA, Discipline governing body, The UK Benchrest Association administers full-bore benchrest disciplines.    ...
Created on
4. UKBR22
(Contacts / Other Organisations)
UKBR22, Discipline governing body, The Association of Rimfire & Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting administers airgun and .22 benchrest in Britain, under the aegis of the NSRA.    ...
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5. John Lloyd
(Contacts / Disabled Shooting)
... powder muzzle-loaders for wheelchair users, benchrest for visually impaired shooters, and the development of target shooting for disabled Scouts.  ...
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6. DSP Clubs
(DSP Clubs)
... do as much as they can to welcome people with disabilities, and those who are less able.  If they cannot cater for wheelchair users, they may have provided benchrest shooting for members who have ...
Created on 22 November 2013
7. DSP Clubs List
(DSP Clubs)
... excellent example for others to follow.   Derby Rifle & Pistol Club 1999 The club offers a broad range of outdoor disciplines to its members, including the eminently disabled-accessible benchrest. ...
Created on 21 November 2013
8. Disabled Shooting Gala 2013
(Past Events)
... his “equaliser” equipment, which enables people with severe disabilities to shoot with various types of gun. Between shoots, our guests could have a look at some juicy displays of fullbore and benchrest ...
Created on 01 November 2013
9. Team for European Benchrest 2013
The NSRA has announced the team selection for the European .22 and Airgun Benchrest Championships 2013.  The event will take place at Plzen, Czech Republic, from 3rd to 16th August.   The ...
Created on 23 February 2013
10. Vision - Solutions to Problems - Rules
... magnifying lens which has a minimum focal length of 2 metres (0.5 dioptre), but see paragraphs 206 and 207.  It may also contain optically-flat clear or coloured element(s). Match Rifle NRA Benchrest ...
Created on 03 January 2013
11. Vision - Solutions to Problems - Introduction
... main ones are Benchrest, F Class, Field Target and Moving Target/Running Boar).  Solution C: Improvements to the range environment, many of which are quite straightforward and inexpensive, can ...
Created on 03 January 2013
12. Andy Dubreuil - Benchrest Shooter
(People News)
... ambassador for the benchrest discipline.  More on our Disabled Shooting Year blog, and in Andy's own blog on his website The Benchrest Show.  ...
Created on 23 November 2012
13. Andy Dubreuil - A Star
(DSP Blog)
... shooting.  This is a huge loss for the sport as a whole, and the close-knit benchrest community in particular.  Andy has been one of the top British airgun and .22 benchrest shooters for ...
Created on 23 November 2012
14. NSRA Rifle Meeting
(DSP Blog)
... Championship and the UKBRA (Fullbore Benchrest) Championships, plus anything else I can squeeze into the already crowded diary.  The NSRA was very fortunate with the weather; it was about the most ...
Created on 22 August 2012
15. Benchrest World Postal Competition
(Events News)
Great Britain's .22 benchrest shooters took part in the World Postal Competition on 19th August at the Novio Magnum Pistol Club near Chichester.  You can read all about it on Andy Dubreuil's blog ...
Created on 20 August 2012
16. Benchrest, Pool and Kit Kats
(People News)
By Dave Holah, Shelford Rifle Club My son Tom is 22 years old, has mild cerebral palsy and learning difficulties.  He has been a member of Shelford Rifle Club for five years.  Tom shoots benchrest ...
Created on 17 August 2012
17. Clubs - Disabled provision
... fit on the firing points without impeding other shooters is very helpful.  Benchrest – this is probably the single most disabled-friendly discipline in our sport.  If the club doesn’t ...
Created on 12 August 2012
18. FAQs
... for the relevant discipline.  There are some disciplines, such as benchrest and F Class fullbore, which are so accessible that people with disabilities can comply with the standard rules.  ...
Created on 01 May 2012
19. Reading, writing and REMAP
(DSP Blog)
... piece on the BeeSting barrel tuner, Andy Dubreuil gets honourable mentions in the write-up on the Portishead ‘Brass Monkey’ shoot, and there’s lots on the disabled-friendly disciplines of F Class and benchrest.  ...
Created on 04 April 2012
20. Rules
... - Section 4 NSRA 3-position Air Rifle rules (provisional) - for Sporter Air Rifle Benchrest UKBR22 rules UKBRA rules NSRA Benchrest Rules - Section 8.16 (these are currently being revised) ...
Created on 28 January 2012
21. Benchrest Competitions
(Domestic Competitions)
Full-bore, .22 and Airgun Benchrest  Many of the open and championship meetings mentioned in this section appear in the Diary, with contacts, and location information.  Otherwise details can ...
Created on 28 January 2012
22. Competitions
(Domestic Competitions)
... and Air Pistol Benchrest - Full-bore, .22 and Airgun Blind/VI - Air Rifle Clay Target - Skeet, Down the Line and Sport Crossbow - Match, Field and Sport Field Target Full-bore - Target Rifle ...
Created on 28 January 2012
23. Information Exchange
... interest groups; for example, wheelchair users, benchrest, blind/VI, crossbow, etc.  When we receive an enquiry from someone who would obviously be helped by a link to another person in a similar ...
Created on 27 January 2012
24. Clubs - what to look for
... feels most at home in.  Disciplines available Some clubs only shoot one discipline; e.g. .22 prone rifle or benchrest.  Others offer quite a range of different disciplines, so a beginner ...
Created on 26 January 2012
25. Benchrest - Wooden bench
These photographs show a straightforward design for a sturdy wooden bench or table for use by benchrest shooters.  The cut-outs on each side at the rear end of the top allow it to be used by left-handed ...
Created on 26 January 2012
26. Introduction to Benchrest
This is: Benchrest shooting The world of Benchrest Rifle shooting is divided broadly into the long-range fullbore disciplines that are governed by the UK Benchrest Association (UKBRA), and the smallbore ...
Created on 24 January 2012
27. NRA Ranges, Bisley Camp
... types of target shooting over distances from 25 to 1,200 yards. The most disabled-friendly disciplines available to full-bore shooters at Bisley Camp are F Class and benchrest.  More details can ...
Created on 18 January 2012
28. West Midlands Regional Shooting Centre
...  An indoor 10 metre range for air rifle/pistol and crossbow. The centre has facilities for blind/VI shooting, and for benchrest.  For deaf shooters a "traffic light" system is available for ...
Created on 18 January 2012
29. Peter Breheny
Peter Breheny from Derbyshire shoots benchrest rifle.  He has Kennedy's Disease, a progressive wasting condition that has weakened his limbs.  The fact that he sits in his electric ...
Created on 07 January 2012
30. Finding somewhere to shoot
... provided for all of them.  Benchrest Full-bore or centre-fire benchrest There are only two organisations that run these shoots in Britain.  The UKBRA shoots take place at Diggle Ranges ...
Created on 05 January 2012
31. How to get started
... very picturesque sector of target shooting can be found onthe MLAGB site.  Benchrest This encompasses rifle and pistol options for a variety of calibres and distances.  It is a popular option ...
Created on 02 January 2012
32. You CAN do it!
... position events. Use a chair and table for benchrest and prone position events. Use a spring stand if you can’t support a rifle or pistol. Hearing You CAN: Have visual signals ...
Created on 02 January 2012
33. The Benchrest Show
(Search - Weblinks / Disabled shooters' blogs)
Blogger: Andy Dubreuil, wheelchair-using shooter.
Created on 16 March 2012
34. Benchrest Directory
(Search - Weblinks / Shooting information & forums)
Forum for smallbore benchrest shooting disciplines.   ...
Created on 17 January 2012
35. UK Benchrest Association
(Search - Weblinks / Shooting organisations)
The UKBRA represents benchrest shooters in the fullbore disciplines.   ...
Created on 17 January 2012
36. UK Association of Rimfire & Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting
(Search - Weblinks / Shooting organisations)
Known as UKBR22, the association represents shooters in smallbore benchrest disciplines.  ...
Created on 17 January 2012
37. Benchrest
(Phoca Download / Benchrest)
Created on 21 August 2012
38. DSP Leaflets: Leaflet - Benchrest Shooting
(Phoca Download / Leaflet - Benchrest Shooting)
Leaflet - Benchrest Shooting ...
Created on 22 July 2012
39. Benchrest: Benchrest benches
(Phoca Download / Benchrest benches)
Benchrest benches ...
Created on 22 July 2012
40. NSRA Rifleman: Rifleman - Summer 2011
(Phoca Download / Rifleman - Summer 2011)
Rifleman - Summer 2011: New leaflets - Benchrest & Blind/VI Award for Vic Morris Blind/VI at Blackburn Blind/VI in Wales British Blind Shooting Championships Disabled shooting at Aldersley Field ...
Created on 28 January 2012
41. NSRA Rifleman: Rifleman - Winter 2009-10
(Phoca Download / Rifleman - Winter 2009-10)
Rifleman - Winter 2009-10: DSP news Focus on Benchrest Disabled shooting - a club's view Benchrest shooting - experience from Shelford RC Blind shooting '101'  ...
Created on 28 January 2012
42. UKBR22 National Benchrest Championships (2012-08-24)
(Events Calendar/UKBR22 National Benchrest Championships)
UKBR22 National Benchrest Championships This is the championships for airgun and .22 rimfire benchrest, and will be hosted by the Paul Lane Rifle & Pistol Club Mirfield Rifle Ranges, Paul Lane, Colnebridge ...
Created on 13 January 2012
43. Glevum Open Benchrest Shoot (2012-06-01)
(Events Calendar/Glevum Open Benchrest Shoot)
Glevum Open Benchrest Shoot Full information and entry form on the UKBR22 website.  Glevum TSC, Sneedham's Green Range - location on www.glevumtsc.co.uk UKBR22 - http://www.ukbr22.org.uk/index.php/events ...
Created on 09 March 2012
44. Open Rimfire Benchrest Shoot (2012-04-09)
(Events Calendar/Open Rimfire Benchrest Shoot)
Open Rimfire Benchrest Shoot Information and entry form on the UKBR22 website. Diggle Ranges UKBR22 - http://www.ukbr22.org.uk/index.php/events  ...
Created on 09 March 2012
45. NRA SC Guest Day (2012-03-31)
(Events Calendar/NRA SC Guest Day)
... fullbore disciplines of benchrest and F Class will be available for guests to try.  Please note: 1. All guests must not less than 14 years old. 2. Probationary members cannot bring guests as they are ...
Created on 16 March 2012
46. UKBRA Shoot (2012-10-20)
(Events Calendar/UKBRA Shoot)
UKBRA Shoot Fullbore benchrest meeting.  Diggle Ranges, Oldham, Lancashire OL3 5LB http://www.freewebs.com/ukbra/  ...
Created on 11 October 2012
47. UKBRA Shoot (2012-11-17)
(Events Calendar/UKBRA Shoot)
UKBRA Shoot Fullbore benchrest event. Diggle Ranges, Oldham, Lancashire OL3 5LB http://www.freewebs.com/ukbra/  ...
Created on 11 October 2012
48. UKBRA Shoot (2012-12-15)
(Events Calendar/UKBRA Shoot)
UKBRA Shoot Fullbore benchrest event. Diggle Ranges, Oldham, Lancashire OL3 5LB http://www.freewebs.com/ukbra/  ...
Created on 11 October 2012
49. European Benchrest Champs (2013-08-03)
(Events Calendar/European Benchrest Champs)
European Benchrest Champs European .22 and Air Benchrest Championships and World Cup Organised by European Rimfire & Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting Federation Plzen, Czech Republic http://www.erabsf.org/home.htm ...
Created on 22 February 2013
50. Benchrest Open Shoot (2013-11-23)
(Events Calendar/Benchrest Open Shoot)
Benchrest Open Shoot   Organisers: Portishead Shooting Club  50-shot courses, 25m and 50m rimfire Light Varmint and Heavy Varmint, 25m Hunter and HV air rifle. To WRABF 2013 Rules.   Practice available ...
Created on 01 November 2013

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