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  • stewartnangle1Stewart Nangle, a Lancastrian, is pictured shooting .22 pistol.  What the photograph does not show is that at the time one of his legs was fitted with a metal frame that was bolted into the bones. 
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  • vicmorris1Vic Morris lives in south Wales and is paralysed from the neck down as the result of an accident.  With the aid of an 'equaliser' device invented by his coach, John Kelman, Vic shoots pistol and rifle. 
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  • Di CoatesDeanna (Di) Coates lives in Hampshire, shoots air rifle from a wheelchair, and is one of our most successful disabled international athletes. 
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  • michaelwhapples1Michael Whapples from Leicestershire is blind and shoots air rifle.  In 2011 he was the first British shooter ever to compete at the Open European Shooting Championships for the Vision Impaired, held at Nitra, Slovakia. 

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  • MattSkelhon1Matt Skelhon shot to fame when he grabbed gold at the Bejiing Paralympic Games and proved it was no fluke by claiming silver and bronze at London 2012.

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  • peterbreheny1Peter Breheny from Derbyshire shoots benchrest rifle.  He has Kennedy's Disease, a progressive wasting condition that has weakened his limbs. 
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  • scoutwithprosthesis1This young Scout was born without a left hand.  When he took an interest in shooting, which is very popular in the Scout movement, Hampshire Scouts helped his local club to find a solution. 
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DS Awards W

We are great believers in saying “thank you” and trying to ensure that those who put a lot of work into making target shooting a great sport are recognised and appreciated. Accordingly, our awards scheme was launched as part of the Disabled Shooting Year.  

Award categories include not only disabled shooters, but coaches, volunteers, clubs, shooting grounds, etc. The full list is set out in the Conditions of Entry. The nomination process is simple, and completed forms can be submitted by e-mail, post or fax.

The nomination period is 1st June to 31st July.  During that time the conditions of entry and nomination form will be available to download.  The awards will be presented at the Disabled Shooting Gala in September.  

Please don’t be shy about putting someone forward – download the documents, or request them by e-mail from the DSP Co-ordinator, Liz Woodall.

Thank you!

Details of the Disabled Shooting Award winners for 2012/13 can be found in DSP News.

DSY 2013 W

Key Aims: Inform, Encourage and Inspire

Anyone with an interest in any aspect of disabled target shooting, or who would like to find out about it, is most welcome to sign up for one of the conferences, which will take place at disabled shooting venues throughout England.  Each conference will cover all disabled target shooting disciplines, and any type of disability, so anyone wishing to attend can pick the most convenient date and venue, regardless of where they are actually based.  We hope to be able to welcome shooters, coaches, club officials, shooting ground managers, disability support organisations, technical specialists, and others.  


The conference programme is intended to:

  • Show the many and varied opportunities and options that the sport offers to people with disabilities
  • Provide information, and sources of information, particularly for clubs, shooting grounds, coaches and officials catering for different disabilities
  • Set out plans for future development in this area of the sport
  • Offer delegates a valuable chance to meet other people in this field, swap ideas and experiences, and make useful contacts

DSP Targets W

The Conferences

To access full information on each conference, please click on the region. 

South East Region - Saturday 16th February at SportsAble, Maidenhead, Berkshire

South West Region - Sunday 3rd March at Purbeck Shooting School, Wareham, Dorset

North East Region - Saturday 9th March at Easingwold Rifle Club, North Yorkshire

North West Region - Sunday 10th March at Blackburn Rifle & Pistol Club, Lancashire

East Region - Sunday 17th March at Norman Cross Ranges, near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

West Region - Sunday 24th March at Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford



The registration form in .pdf format is available HERE to print and complete manually.  It can then be posted or scanned for submission by e-mail. 

For a Word version to complete on-screen and submit by e-mail please contact the DSP Co-ordinator Liz Woodall

Please spread the word about these conferences to everyone you know who might wish to attend.  A flyer giving key information about all of them is available in our Downloads.

We are looking forward very much to meeting people from every area of disabled target shooting.  All the helpful and interesting information gathered from the conferences will be published on-line, and made available as widely as possible. 

dsy logo w small

We are using the Disabled Shooting Year as a promotional springboard to launch some schemes that we’ve been planning for a while. These will be developed throughout the year, and anyone interested in joining in them is most welcome to contact the DSP Co-ordinator, Liz Woodall.

The first two are the DSP Clubs Scheme, and Awards for target shooters and organisations, including our own Disabled Shooting Awards. We intend to set up some more schemes as the year progresses, so please keep re-visiting this section of the site to see what’s new.


Awards available

So far we’ve identified over 150 local, county, regional and national sports awards schemes in England alone - and we're still adding to the list!  The majority are run by local authorities, but the media, charities, banks, educational bodies, and disability organisations also get in on the act.

On a rough calculation, that’s a total of around 2,000 individual winners - plus runners-up, teams, clubs, etc. As far as we can tell, eight target shooters (four of them disabled) won awards in 2011.

Some of the big sports have latched on to the fact that these awards bring a great deal of excellent – and free – publicity. Football, swimming, cycling, cricket, rowing, sailing and rugby keep featuring in the winners’ lists, and ithey probably organise their supporters all over the country to make nominations. We don’t see why target shooting shouldn’t do the same, and get the benefit of all that positive media coverage!

As in any truly amateur sport, there are an incredible number of people who do a huge amount for target shooting, and they can justly be described as unsung heroes. Long-serving secretaries of affiliated clubs and organisations might receive the NSRA’s Distinguished Service Award, and those who have put in many years of voluntary work can be nominated for the Association’s Special Service Awards. These were the only awards available in any of the mainstream shooting NGBs until the CPSA launched their inaugural awards scheme for 2012.

We’ve made it easy to nominate

If you know a person or club who deserves an award, please check out the list of awards that we’ve compiled and make that nomination. If loads of people do it then not only will many more shooters, coaches, officials, etc. get the recognition they deserve, but the whole profile of target shooting will be greatly enhanced, so everyone will benefit.

Many of these schemes include awards for those with disabilities, and obviously we’re particularly keen that disabled shooters and disabled-friendly clubs should be put forward for those. On the other hand, if the awards in your area don’t include any disability sport categories, perhaps you could try to get them to be added.

Obviously we’d like very much to have news of any disability sports awards won by shooters or shooting organisations, so if you hear of any, please get in touch.

Good luck!


Let’s get some recognition for our sport!

Did you know that the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year isn’t the only sports awards scheme? There are local, county and regional sports awards throughout Britain. Sadly, target shooters hardly ever feature as winners, and as one of our Disabled Shooting Year schemes we’d like to change that.

This scheme comes in two parts. The first is getting target shooting people and clubs nominated for as many of the local, county and regional awards as possible. The second is the introduction of our own Disabled Shooting Awards. You will find details of both parts in this section of the site.

dsy logo w small

Some of the events and activities taking place during this year will be organised by the DSP.  We'll also be taking part in events organised by other people.  We're also fervently hoping that clubs, associations and disability organisations will be putting on events as their contribution to the Disabled Shooting Year.  This section of the site is where information on all of these can be found.  

Check out the Calendar for dates, and browse information under the relevant headings.  Please keep re-visiting, because fresh information will be posted as soon as it comes in.  

What we'll be doing

During the Disabled Shooting Year members of the DSP Working Group and other people involved with the project will be taking part in a number of events all around the country.  Additional information on these events is available in the Diary.  If you come along, look for our banner!

5th May 2012 – Open Day, National Shooting Centre, Bisley

This is a very large event where people can have taster sessions for most of the shooting disciplines that are catered for at Bisley Camp.  Pre-booking is essential. 

2nd-10th June 2012 – National Shooting Week

Organised by the Countryside Alliance on behalf of the British Shooting Sports Council, which represents all the main shooting organisations.  This is aimed at raising the profile of all shooting sports. 

15th July - Disability Awareness Day, Warrington, Cheshire

Disability Awareness Day (DAD), is Europe's largest 'not for profit' voluntary-led disability exhibition, and is held annually in a huge tented village within the grounds of Walton Hall Gardens. Last year's show, organised by Warrington Disability Partnership, attracted over 28,000 visitors on the day plus over 5,000 visitors who took part in the events held during the week prior to DAD.

8th September 2012 – Open Day including Disabilities, National Shooting Centre, Bisley

For the first time this Open Day will be geared towards disabled participants.  Pre-booking is essential.

February 2013 – British Shooting Show, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

The organisers have confirmed that the 2013 show will feature and promote disabled shooting, and the new venue at Stoneleigh is disabled-accessible. 


  • Ideas

    NoticeboardWelcome to our virtual noticeboard !

    This is where we can pin up helpful suggestions and comments, whether they originate from the DSP or from you.

    If you would like to contribute something that you think may be useful or interesting to anyone involved in disabled shooting, please contact the DSP Co-ordinator, Liz Woodall, with the details.  

    If you are looking for tips, ideas, useful contacts, or inspiration, come and have a browse - you never know what you might find!

  • DSP Blog

    quill  ink x

    The DSP blog records some of the topics and issues that crop up in the course of the Project's work. Maintained by Liz Woodall, the DSP Co-ordinator, it is at times a personal view of the progress being made.  Please contact Liz if you have some information that you think might be suitable for inclusion here.

Hot News!

DSP Videos

Videos on disabled target shooting now on Vimeo and YouTube. You are invited to contribute your videos.

Please Do Our Surveys!

survey Information about people and facilities is vital to our work (and funding). YOU can help by completing our People and Clubs/Grounds Surveys.

£250,000 for Clubs!

Chequebook and pen

Read about the huge increase in Sport England investment in grass-roots target shooting. 

International Development

Image of Earth superimposed on a wheelchair wheel

Read about how we are hoping to expand the range of international competitions open to disabled shooters, and let us know if you can help.  

Helpful Stuff

Vision for Shooters

For most shooters, being able to see well enough to aim accurately is the key to our sport. Our Vision Section has lots of information to help all shooters who have vision problems, great or small.

Funding Guidance & Information

Union Jack moneybox

Need information on funding for any aspect of disabled target shooting?  Check out the extensive Funding section on this site. 

Advice for Clubs

EFDS Inclusion Hub is a free on-line resource created by the English Federation of Disability Sport for clubs that wish to become more disabled-friendly and include more disabled people in their activities.
More information

Disability Awareness

For those encountering people who have various types of disabilities, we offer a round-up of some on-line advice and videos that may help to put everyone at their ease.